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Magic Circus is a San Francisco-based educational and entertainment theatre company performing primarily in Northern California.

Through tours, performances and workshops with students, Magic Circus demonstrates that theatre can be used to improve the quality of education, build imagination and team spirit, and foster self-esteem.
Every year our performances and entertainment stimulate the minds and touch the hearts of thousands of children, young adults and audiences of all ages.

 Bebe Conrad


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Co-founder and director of Magic Circus productions, with over 20 years professional experience in Europe and America.

Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA), she has appeared in commercials, industrials and several international film and television productions including Dr. Dolittle and Nash Bridges.


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Benny Buettner


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Co-founder of Magic Circus, with over 20 years professional experience in Europe and America.

Member of SAG-AFTRA, Benny has been featured in several films, including Dr. Dolittle and The Princess Diaries and in the television show Nash Bridges. He performs and teaches in the Bay Area with Young Audiences, Youth in Arts, A Live Act and Fair Players. In Stockholm, for the Swedish Government he developed the children’s programs “Video Now” and “Anti Drug Theater”.

Benny is a current member of the improvisational theatre group Bay Area Playback Theatre, An award winning magician, he is known by his stage name, Benny Bendini.

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