Bebe’s Resume

SAG     Tonry   (415) 543-3797     Gender:  FEMALE        Hair: Brown         Eyes: Blue         Height: 5’ 8”         Weight:  140


“Best Shots” Nightclubber Douglas Logato, Sandhill Prod., SF
“Blonds Have More Guns” Jodie Filmagic, George Merryweather
“Not Once But Twice Verna, Business Woman Poisened Pen Productions, SF
“Bread” Neighbor Steve Guy, Gratuate Film SF


“Johann Spaceship” Parade Girl Stein Music Video, Munich
“Hansel and Gretel Rap” Young Witch Award winning Music Video, SDF/NHK
“Dr. Dolittle” Circus Clown  
“Totally Hidden Video” Accomplice Chris Pye Entertainment, SF
“Hildegard” Hildegard (lead)
  1. Travis, Time Shift NT, HBO
“Soko 5113” Gerti Kaj Borsche, Elan Prod, Munich, ARD


List upon request    


“Real People” Designer Levi Strauss, SF
“Yellow Pages” French Programmer Bud Pierce, Pacific Bell
“Role Player” Firefighter Jones City of SF

CD Rom

Silicon Graphics Host  
Kodak Narrator  


Gap International Narrator (lead) In house video
Chicago Visitors Bureau Visitor Video
Extensive list upon request    


Xclamation Improvisor Holi City Zoo, etc. SF
“Harlequino & Columbine” Columbine Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Currently member of Benny &Bebe’s Magic Circus Family Theater Group  

Special Skills

Language: German, various European accents, Sports: Swimming, Yoga, Hiking, Jogging, Healing Arts:  Aquaticbodyworking (Jahara & Watsu) Comedy:  Improvisation, Other: Professional Clown, Mime, Magician, Make-up artist.