Apr 18, 2016
Mime Entetainers Magic Circus performed as MIMES ENTERTAINERS at S.F. Opera Gala

Mime Entertainers – Magic Circus performed as MIME ENTERTAINERS at S.F. Opera Gala


Magic Circus performed as mimes at S.F. Opera GalaMime Entertainers – SF mimes at SF Opera Gala, Magic Circus performed as MIME ENTERTAINERS at S.F. Opera Gala

Magic Circus created a French atmosphere performing as mimes at the SF Opera Gala event this weekend.

Strolling mime entertainment enchanted the audiences by creating imaginary objects and spaces, performing magic with roses, balancing on wheels and taking pictures with a antic fun surprise camera.

The event was called “April in Paris” for the Merola Opera Gala.

-What is mime?
Mimes do not speak verbally. Mimes speak with their bodies.
Mime is a performing arts form using body language and facial expressions to tell stories and create vignettes.

Body language
-The mime artist pays attention to how he/she and others use their body to say something:
for example how to show us feeling hungry with your stomach, stressed with your eyebrows or in your shoulders?

Think when you watch people
- What can you tell about them by the way they walk, run, sit, stand, gesture or even breathe?               The mime to conjure up a nonexistent universe, will break down and rearrange space and time. In stationary running by a mime for instance, time does not have the same meaning as for an actor covering space. He condenses space and expresses himself in lines of synthesis holding past, present and future. Marcel Marceau the famous french mime for example passes in his performance from the wrinkles of old age to the serenity of adolescence. His face painted white, Marceau made his appearance in a neutral-colored costume, loose trousers, short jacket and a top hat with a flower on it. One of the reasons for our fascination with mimes resides in the sense of timing, to distill every moment. The mime’s language becomes a succession of luminous images.

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