School Assemblies Northern California

Dec 29, 2015

Here is our School Assemblies Northern California schedule for the winter and spring of 2016. in the comment section you can find the latest feedback and write your own review about our assembly programs.

Magic Circus performs “The Amazing Science Whiz Show” with science learning as well  as “The Incredible Magic Hat Show”, our multicultural learning program. For complete show info, reviews and demo videos please visit our website school pages

Science School assemblies Northern California

Multicultural school assemblies Northern California


1/11/16, Evergreen Elementary, Rohnert Park CA, Science Assemblies

1/13/16, Forest Hill Elementary, San Jose CA, Science Assemblies

1/15/16, Ponderosa Elementary, Sunnyvale CA, Science Assemblies

1/27/16, Grant Elementary, Richmond CA, Multicultural Assembly

1/29/16, Otis Elementary, Alameda CA, Science Assemblies

2/09/16, Briarwood Elementary, Santa Clara CA, Science Assemblies

2/10/16, Donald D. Lum Elementary, Alameda CA, Science Assemblies (repeat appearance)

2/11/16, Lincoln Elementary, Burlingame CA, Science Assemblies

2/18/16, Edison Elementary, Alameda CA, science assemblies

2/19/16, Sequoia Elementary, Santa Rosa CA, Science Assemblies

2/25/16, Roosevelt Elementary, San Leandro CA, Multicultural Assembly, Family Performance Night,San Leandro High School Performing Arts Center

3/21/16, Cipriani Elementary, Belmont CA, science assemblies

3/25/16, Carlton Avenue School, San Jose CA, science assemblies

4/21/16, Corona Creek Elementary, Petaluma CA, multicultural assemlbies

4/22/16, Woodrow Wilson Elementary, San Leandro CA, Multicultural Assembly, Family Performance Night

5/17/16, Lietz Elementary, San Jose, Science Assembly




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Farnaz Hedari, Principal Grant Elementary
February 3, 2016 4:02 pm

The students have never been more engaged as they were with this program!
We have booked “The Incredible Magic Hat Show” as part of our anti-bullying program. The more the students learn about other cultures and history, they will respect students from different cultural and geographical backgrounds.


The Amazing Science Whiz Show provides an opportunity for students to grasp a better understanding of how scientific explorations enhance critical thinking skills and the joy of learning, how and why things work in our environment. You are able to tune into the way children think and get them inspired to critical thinking and learning – that is what STEM Core training is all about!
The show engages students regardless of their language acquisition to experience learning in a fun and least restrictive environment, as students continue to develop their long-life goals in understanding the world through science, written applications and the arts. In my opinion, young students appear to show a great deal of appreciation, when one is given the time and tools to embrace science as integral part of the curriculum.
Thank you for this program,
Ms. Loretta Holt, teacher, Donald. D. Lum Elementary, Alameda CA

Nicole Hunter-Mass, Roosevelt Elementary
March 8, 2016 12:24 am

Thank you Benny! I received tremendous feedback,
everyone loved “The Incredible Magic Hat Show”
at the San Leandro High School Performing Arts Center!

Ms. Miller, Cipriani Elementary School, 5th grade teacher
March 23, 2016 11:17 pm

Thank you, it was a great assembly!


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