Science (K-8)

“The Amazing Science Whiz Show”
Science – Environmental – Visual Arts Learning
A Dazzling 45-minute Assembly Performance for Students K-8

In this enchanting, interactive program, Magic Circus demonstrates seemingly impossible magic and circus tricks with scientific explanations, exploring laws of physics, earth science, green environmental education and visual arts color perception.

  • Students learn about scientists like Archimedes, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.
  • The audience discovers curious and amazing phenomena such as gravity, centrifugal force, friction, air pressure, balance and multi-dimensional space.
  • Students experience vividly how our eyes see and our brains create pictures, as they behold large moving optical illusions with colorful art patterns.
  • Guaranteed to be a fun-filled learning experience with plenty of enthusiastic audience participation
  • Aligns with STEM, CA Next Generation Science, Visual Arts & Common Core Standards

Hands-On Science
Table top Exhibits

“Highly recommended for schools & science museums.”
Cal.Academy of Science
“Great assembly just before our science projects week”
Stevens Creek Elementary
“What a great way to end the school year! Educational and entertaining.”
San Miguel Elementary

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“The show at our Science Fair Community Night was great for our kids and the parents really enjoyed watching it too”
Almond Elementary Los Altos
“The kids were eager watchers and learners.”
Side Elementary
“We loved the optical illusions.”
Sun Valley Elementary
“Thank you so much for your performance assembly at Kaiser Elementary. The staff and students appreciated your enthusiasm for science and recycling! My children were trying to recreate parts of your show at home. That’s an A+ in my book! Thank you again!”
Lori Admokom Assembly Coordinator
“Great hands-on activities at our Science Night!”
Jordan Middle School

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