Entertaining and Educational Shows for Preschools and Daycare Centers
Magic, Clowning and Puppetry as an effective tool to illustrate educational messages and enrich the learning process
” The children really enjoyed your performance and several teachers came into the office to tell us how enjoyable and how child appropriate the show was.”
Alodiah Lunar-Beers Assistant Director – Education, Marin Day Schools | Sherith Israel Campus

Electrify your special event

with the charm and talent of – Benny & Bebe

Magic Circus Comedy Magic Show

See us as Magician, Wizard, Clown or Pirate with our fanciful magic and funny theatrical comedy!

Enjoy great audience participation throughout the show.
Be mesmerized by Tricksy the magical dove
and fun illusions like collapsing chair,
silly balloon and water magic
and “child floating in air”.

The Super Nutrition Show

Healthy Food – Healthy Body – Healthy Planet

Good nutrition works like magic!

If you want to look your best, feel your best and do your best, remember that the food you eat fuels the person you become. This interactive show utilizes comedy and visual magic to teach students:

  • The power of My Plate (USDA)
  • Healthy eating and drinking is fun!
  • To eat less sweets, salt and fat & drink less soda
  • Be active to energize your body
  • Take care of our planet

Duration 45 min.

This program has been developed with support and collaboration by


“This is how kids learn!”
Director, St. Rafael Preschool
“You two were fabulous!”
Arleen Uryu , Director, Lollipops & Letters Preschool