Jan 03, 2017


We reached about 15,000 students with our ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES 2017 in the first half of the year. Magic Circus performed award winning science & multicultural assembly programs at these Bay Area Elementary Schools:

1/26/2017, St. Lucy Elementary, Campbell,  CA,          “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

1/27/2017, Olinder Elementary, San Jose, CA,             “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

2/09/2017, Redding Elementary, San Francisco, CA,    “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

3/03/2017. Harding Elementary, El Cerrito, CA,                 “The Incredible Magic Hat Show”

3/15/2017, Martin Elementary, South San Francisco, CA, “The Incredible Magic Hat Show”

3/21/2017. Cherry Chase Elementary, Sunnyvale, CA,   “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

3/28/2017, Mission Valley Elementary, Fremont, CA,    “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

3/29/2017, Benito Juarez Elementary, Richmond, CA, “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

3/30/2017, Park Side Elementary, Sebastopol CA,        “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

3/31/2017, Oak Manor Elementary, Ukiah, CA,              “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

4/05/2017, Tamales Elementary, Tamales, CA,              “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

4/10/2017. Ayers Elementary, Concord, CA                    “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

4/11/2017, Ledesma Elementary, San Jose, CA,          “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

4/12/2017, Evergreen Elementary, San Jose, CA,         “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

4/13/2017, Tom Matsumoto Elementary, San Jose CA “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

4/24/2017, Mckinley Elementary, Burlingame, CA,        “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

4/26/2017, Patterson Elementary, Fremont CA,             “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”

4/27/2017, Schafer Park Elementary, Hayward CA,       “The Incredible Magic Hat Show”

5/04/2017, Los Alamitos Elementary, San Jose CA,      “The Incredible Magic Hat Show”

5/12/2017, Brook Hill Elementary, Santa Rosa CA,       “The Amazing Science Whiz Show”


“The Incredible Magic Hat Show” (K-12)

Students are delighted by 30 multicultural, quick-change characters, distinguished by one shape that changes into hats from a variety of cultures and professions. Vignettes with comic situations and visual jests are presented, using comedy, magic, mime, music and “chapeaugraphy”.

“Thank you for a great show!”

Javier Guiterez, Manuel f. Cunha Intermediate School

“I just wanted to tell you how the teachers and students raved about your show. They just couldn’t say enough about how great you were. Thank you for bringing humor and joy to so many!”
Linda Levine Castlemont Elementary, Campbell


“The Amazing Science Whiz Show” (K-8)

In this enchanting, interactive program, Magic Circus demonstrates seemingly impossible magic and circus tricks with scientific explanations, exploring laws of physics, earth science, green environmental education and visual arts color perception.

” They kids raved about you guys…. all ages too. Thanks again! We will definitely reach out again next year.”

Katie Ulvestad, Tamalpais Vailey Elementary

“The assemblies were well worth it – every penny.”                                                                        Michelle Davis, Sunset Elementary

“Great assembly just before our science projects week.”                                                           Stevens Creek Elementary

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Jill West, Harding Elementary PTA
March 7, 2017 8:13 pm

Our students loved “The Incredible Magic Hat Show”.
It was one of the highlights of the past trimester for our school.

Anita Sterns, Principal Oak Manor Elementary
April 3, 2017 6:14 pm

Super fun science assemblies!
It is always a good sign to hear students being exited and talk about the program afterwards.


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